Christmas Brought To You By La Terrazza

Christmas dinner is the most anticipated meal of the year and it’s always a big event. For a lot of families, the whole holiday is built around a huge feast of turkey with all of the trimmings. But for the person cooking dinner, it’s a lot of stress. Christmas for the cook means getting up at the crack of dawn and then spending the morning in and out of the kitchen. After dinner, you’re left with a big pile of washing up to do.

A lot of people never even consider restaurants open on Christmas day because it’s always been a tradition to eat at home. But eating out at a beautiful restaurant like La Terrazza can make Christmas feel really special, and you don’t have any of the stress. You just get to enjoy perfect food with your family in a lovely restaurant setting. You can still keep the rest of your Christmas traditions when you get home, you just skip out on all of the hard work.

Dining out for Christmas also gives you the chance to try something a bit different, rather than having the same dinner you eat every year. You’d be surprised how many restaurants open on Christmas day, so why not do something a bit more adventurous this year? 

La Terrazza is the ideal spot for your family’s Christmas dinner. The range of festive menus combines traditional Christmas dinner food with classic Italian flavours, all cooked by amazing chefs with over 45 years of experience in the kitchen. On Christmas day, you can enjoy a delicious six-course meal with the option of Turkey, sprouts, and roast potatoes if you want something classic. If you fancy something less traditional, you can choose from grilled seabass, green broccoli and delicate martini sauce or sweet potato basket filled with mixed winter vegetables. The menu features Italian staples like Home-made ravioli with artichoke with vegetable consommé, with a delicious Panettone dessert. You’ll even get a welcome glass of prosecco and some nice canapes on arrival. There are plenty of options for each course, including some delicious vegetarian dishes, so everybody will be happy.

A three-course version of the menu is available throughout the Christmas period, and there’s a special seven-course New Years’ Eve menu on offer too. So, even if you are not looking for restaurants on Christmas day itself, you can still enjoy an Italian celebration during the festive period.

La Terrazza brings you the perfect blend of Christmas classics and an authentic Italian experience. Every dish is carefully crafted by expert chefs, using fresh, high-quality ingredients with live music on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve. 

Even though traditions are great, slaving over the same Christmas dinner every year can be a chore. You can give yourself a break and keep things fresh by finding restaurants open on Christmas day, like La Terrazza. We pride ourselves on serving incredible Italian dishes with a contemporary twist, and our Christmas menu showcases the best that our experienced chefs have to offer. So, why not avoid the washing up this year and join us for Christmas dinner instead?

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